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soulolution asked:
How can I put the quote 'Don't let the actions of others disturb your inner peace' into play in my own life? I seem to be very aware of other people, and when someone is outwardly rude or judgmental it takes a lot for me to ignore it or move past it in my own mind. It's hard for me to accept that level of insensitivity. I don't want to just accept it, but maybe that's the only thing there is to do? I would appreciate hearing your take on this. Thank you~ :)


If you can’t accept something then the only choice is to go deeply into it.

Acceptance is not the same as ignoring. It is non-reaction.

When someone is rude or judgmental, take a good look at them. Those actions come from a place of uncertainty, fear, and pain. In reality, they are expressions of that individual’s suffering. 

When you label that kind of behavior as insensitive and then react to it, all you are doing is spreading it to your own mind. 

Sound can only travel by vibrating through the air. Similarly, emotions require thought to travel and sustain themselves. By becoming intensely present and inwardly silent, you will remove the ability for those feelings to continue. They will thrash and die into the peace of simply Being. 

When something outside yourself disturbs you without physically harming your body, it is because you are reacting. Reaction comes from a place of unawareness. Whereas a response comes from a place of wakeful presence. Reactions are instant and rushed, while responses may take a moment or two before presenting themselves. They are more peaceful and unrushed and untroubled. 

So the next time this happens, slow down. Don’t be so quick to judge. Instead, look into that person and see how his or her confusion/suffering is causing that behavior. Become intensely silent and present, either by focusing on the inner body or following the breath. Daily meditation makes it easier to allow this to happen.

We cannot wait for the end of ignorance in the people of this world before allowing ourselves to be at peace. It is only from a place of inner peace that we can begin to help others. 

Namaste sis :)